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Elder law in High Point, NC 

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Individual services

Come speak with Cecil and Cecil, PA if you are closely caring for your elderly parents, wondering how trusts work, want to preserve valuable assets or are dealing with an urgent situation in a nursing home or hospice. We provide legal counsel to elders and their families in elder law, wills and estates. Talk to the experts in High Point, NCto learn more.

When it comes to elder law, Cecil & Cecil, PA can give you insightful legal advice backed by years of experience. No one knows North Carolina elder laws like Cecil & Cecil, PA; you can count on them to be a reliable team to fully protect your loved ones' interests. Don't attempt to tackle the maze of legal and financial matters alone or with an inexperienced team. Count on the experts at Cecil & Cecil, PA in High Point to help with elder law, will and estate services.
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Elder law

When it comes to decisions regarding personal and medical care, and decisions affecting the estate and finances of an elderly person, it comes down to one question: Does this person have the ability to make informed decisions?

Competency and capacity are determined by two separate parties:

  • Competency is a legal determination made by the court
  • Capacity is a diagnosis made by a medical doctor
These two do not necessarily align. At that point, there can be dueling physician evidence and a court proceeding is in order. Cecil & Cecil can help.
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A last will is not a legal requirement, but the benefits of such a will cannot be overstated. Comprehensive estate planning means that when you pass or if you become incapacitated, you will have stated your intentions and can spell out your wishes for your estate and your loved ones. Talk to us in High Point to learn more about elder law and estate planning.
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Living trust

One of the biggest benefits of a living trust is to avoid probate. A secondary benefit is protection of the trust assets should you start experiencing any sort of mental disability. Your trust can include a disability trustee who can manage your trust if you become incapacitated. Without a disability trustee, there may be long court processes mandated by the state to appoint a conservator or guardian to oversee your assets. Talk to us in High Point to learn more.
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